The thought that a house with children is difficult to have carpets, is something that concerns many parents. The truth is that carpets and children are a difficult combination, but on the other hand, carpets are essential in a house with children. On the one hand, they make the floor much safer, as hard parquet or marble is really dangerous for young children who can hit at any time. On the other hand, they contribute to the sound insulation of the house, so that the environment is as quiet as possible, while they also add the feeling of sweet warmth, for the beautiful family moments. There is no more relaxing moment for a parent than when he sees his children playing quietly on the soft carpet, knowing that it is safe.

However, two issues arise with the issue of carpets-children. The first is how to protect children from carpets, so that they do not have respiratory problems and allergies. The second is how to protect carpets from children and the damage or stains they can cause. Read below everything you definitely need to know.

παιδικα χαλια


What materials and specifications are suitable for carpets in houses with children?

For a house with small children, the goal is to have durable carpets, which do not stain easily and at the same time keep their texture unchanged, despite the many washes and possible damage.

Most carpets on the market today are woven with synthetic yarns, such as polyester or polyester & heatset pp, acrylic, 100% heatset pp, 100% frize heatset pp merilon, 100% frize heatset pp, as well as 100% microfiber polyester . But the first important thing that needs attention before someone buys carpets, is that the yarns have a modern treatment so that they do not absorb stains.

The second and most important, is to choose carpets with dense weave, with short and thin threads, to create the ideal combination of pile height and weight per m². With these features, they can form a sturdy and dense pile, which will respond well to areas with very intense daily use, so that you continue to have a beautiful and sustainable result, where their gradual natural deterioration is not visible in time.

Examples of carpet selection based on their density are:

  • 10mm pile height, weighing 3,000 gr / m² and 850,000 knots (ideal)
  • 11mm pile height, weighing 3,000 gr / m² and 700,000 knots (ideal)
  • 12mm pile height, weighing 2,650 gr / m² and 620,000 knots (satisfactory)
  • 12mm pile height, weighing 2,150 gr / m² and 480,000 knots (medium)

So, the less the weight of the threads and the weave knots per m², the lower the density and at the same time the durability of the carpet in its daily use.

παιδικο χαλι

Tips for removing the stain when it happens.

In carpets that have yarns with modern special treatment as mentioned above, like that of Colore Colori, the way to clean stains is very simple. That is, we take kitchen paper, with which we dab with it on the stain to absorb it, but without spreading it on the wider surface of the carpet. The used paper that absorbed a part of the stain is discarded and another clean one is used, repeating this process 6 to 7 times, until it is absorbed and disappears completely. The sooner we intervene to clean it, the more we increase the possibility of it being cleaned faster and more efficiently. Otherwise, in case there is a little stain left, we use a special shampoo for carpets and rugs, following exactly the same procedure as before with the kitchen paper.

What qualities must the carpet have in order to be child friendly?

The most important thing, of course, is how to protect our children from possible problems that a carpet can cause them. Apart from the fact that it is necessary to vacuum the carpet thoroughly, at least once a week to remove the dust that collects, it is not enough. It is good to wash all the carpets once a semester, with deep cleaning, in a specialized carpet cleaner. Of course, when researching the market for any rug, it is important to make sure that it is child-friendly, ie does not contain toxic dyes, which may cause allergies, respiratory problems and skin rashes when in direct contact. with its surface.