Carpets are one of the most necessary decorative elements in a house, in order to offer warmth in the space, but also to help delimit the points of interest, especially if the living room has a single open layout. The combination of many carpets together adds character and a special style to the house, but it is a difficult task that requires attention, so as not to become excessive.

The following tips will help you to combine different rugs in a house, in which the goal is the coherence between the rooms.

                                                                                                               Use the same pattern everywhere

The easiest solution is to use a rug in all areas, which is in the same colors and patterns.Repetition offers modern style and uniformity.In order not to be boring, however, you can choose the carpet in different sizes or in similar colors, so that there is a distinction between the rooms.

χαλια με ιδιο μοτιβο

                                                                                                                                    Choose complementary colors

When we say complementary colors, we do not mean similar shades, but color combinations that give intensity without being in conflict with each other. Such safe color combinations are blue with orange, yellow with purple or red with green. These combinations are located at opposite ends of the color arc, so they contrast in a visually pleasing way when there is visibility in the adjoining room.

χαλι μπλε

                                                                                                                    Place a colorful rug next to a monochrome one

Using so many different rugs is a clear way to distinguish functional areas in a large living room, without compromising the aesthetics of the space. This balance can be used to draw attention to a focal point on one side and leave the other more "quiet". It is good for the monochrome carpet to be in calmer tones, so that the other one stands out.

This color combination can be done not only on carpets, but also on other fabrics, such as curtains, pillows and throws.

χαλια μονοχρωμα

                                                                                                 Combine two rugs with different patterns but in the same style

It is not impossible to mix different carpet patterns in a large open area of ​​the house. They just can't be so different that they compete with each other. Look for rugs that have a common style, such as modern or classic, the same texture and knitting. When their symbols and patterns are intricate, it does not necessarily mean that the designs of the carpets collide. Their construction from a special material implies an elegant result, which highlights the decoration. It is good, however, to mix patterns with a dominant color.

χαλια με διαφορετικα μοτιβα

                                                                                                       Combine two carpets with different designs but in the same color

Easier than the previous one, the two carpets with different designs have the same color. Stripes, floral, vintage, modern abstract or geometric designs, the patterns are countless, depending on what you are looking for. The same color will deliberately create a "conversation" between the spaces and will bring harmony throughout the house without much effort. However, in order not to create an excessive aesthetic effect, the rest of the decorative elements must be monochrome.

διαφορετικα χαλια με ιδιο χρωμα

                                                                                                                                                  Use rugs with contrasting textures

If you do not feel comfortable mixing colors or patterns in one area of the house, there is still an easy way to make your rugs more interesting. Mix ‘n’ match different textures. Neutral textured rugs are extremely versatile, so you can have them in your home over time, even if you change the furniture. These can be combined with more fluffy rugs, such as shaggy or fluffy, to separate an area and turn it into a focal point of the living room.

χαλια shaggy