At Casa Elegante By Mouratidis we have been dealing with curtain sewing for 45 years !!! In our physical store we have a wide variety of curtain fabrics and with our help you can choose the design and color that suits every area of ​​your home.

Curtains add style to a space and beautify it. However, if they are not placed correctly, they can achieve the exact opposite effect and destroy the image and style of an entire room. So see what 6 mistakes are usually made in hanging the curtains.

1. You do not measure correctly: It is a big mistake to buy curtains without having measured your windows with absolute accuracy. Take a measure and measure exactly the length and height you want your curtains to cover and then buy the right size. It is a pity that you do not measure the distances correctly and end up with too short or long curtains.

2. Do not hang your curtains too low: The higher you put the curtain rod, the higher a space looks. So do not skimp on the length of your curtain and place the curtain rods as high as you can.

3. Be careful not to buy short curtains: The curtain is like pants. It is good to be as far away as it seems to touch the floor but without touching it. Pay attention to the length of your curtain and remember that a curtain always looks more beautiful the farther it is, without this meaning that it should crawl on the floor. Find the right length that best flatters your space.

4. You do not choose the right width: As important as the height of a curtain, so important is the width. To figure out how wide your curtain should be, measure the width of the window and multiply by 2.5 or 3 depending on how many folds you want your curtain to make.

5. Do not avoid the iron: Ironing a curtain may take some time but there is no worse sight in a beautiful house than a crumpled curtain. Carefully iron your curtains to enhance the look of the entire room. 6. Pay attention to the curtain rod: Some curtains are very heavy and so they may need extra support to prevent them from falling. Put a strong curtain rod and choose a beautiful design that matches the rest of the home decor.