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30 Mar These Are The Biggest Mistakes You Make When Hanging Curtains!
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At Casa Elegante By Mouratidis we have been dealing with curtain sewing for 45 years !!! In our physical store we have a wide variety of curtain fabrics and with our help you can choose the design and..
30 Mar If you have children & you want to buy carpets, you should definitely read it
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The thought that a house with children is difficult to have carpets, is something that concerns many parents. The truth is that carpets and children are a difficult combination, but on the other hand,..
30 Mar Decorating Ideas: How to combine more rugs with each other.
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Carpets are one of the most necessary decorative elements in a house, in order to offer warmth in the space, but also to help delimit the points of interest, especially if the living room has a single..
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